August 11, 2017

What's I've been reading

Hello out there! It's been awhile. I've relocated to a new city (or rather, my old city) and have moved into a great apartment. We have a small backyard and to our left is our neighbor's vegetable garden and to our right is our other neighbor's flower garden. There's also a peach tree that's beginning to bear fruit with some of its branches in our territory - which means possible peach crisp come autumn!

Exciting things have been happening - first, my 8-year laptop got fried and I had to get a new one. I'm now a HP convert with one of those fancy 2-in-1 laptops. Finally, a laptop that doesn't weigh 5lb! My back is grateful. Then I started my ob-gyn rotation and it has been relentless work until now. I've finished my shelf this morning and I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend and finally having the chance to enjoy what's left of my summer.

Things that I have been consuming!!

- My sweet childhood memories. Now that I have a PC, I can finally play Maplestory again! They've made it really easy to level-up. Nearly lvl 100, what!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S4
- I like to think I'm Raymond Holt, but I'm actually Amy Santiago.

Ode to Joy Season 2 (on
- One of the best modern-day dramas out there and focused on strong relationships between women
- Some parts I skip and I was rather disappointed with Guan Guan's love story, but still I loved it.

Pretty Li Hui Zhen (The King's Woman) (on
- Dilraba and Zhang Bin Bin really impressed me here, but I had to stop watching half-way through because the male lead was too stiff and didn't have the same chemistry Dilraba and Zhang Bin Bin did.
- Good thing those two will be starring in the The King's Woman! Still, in antagonistic roles, but I'm hopeful for some great scenes between the two of them.

Don't Give Up, Dodo! (on
- Chinese web series of 10 episodes, 20 minutes each - a really solid comedy with all the quirks of Chinese culture hidden inside.

Fun medical facts!Spinnbarkeit is the term used to describe cervical mucus just before ovulation. Mittelschmerz is the term used to the describe the pain some women feel mid-cycle as their ovarian follicle erupts and releases the egg.