May 14, 2017

What I've been reading

I'll be transferring to schools in the fall and returning back to my old city and back to live with my husband. I still can't quite believe that I was accepted. This week's been a doozy. It's been filled with strange encounters with patients and their next of kin, an impromptu therapy session, and the start of my final meals with friends in this town.

I've started studying for Step 1 full-time, armed with UWorld and There's a lot of sitting in my future.

Here's what I've been consuming in the past few weeks:

Shallow cabinet heaven! A gorgeous modern apartment that's warm and filled with space-saving tricks.

Lauryn Hills - Miseducation of Lauryn Hills
Depeche Mode - did you hear them playing as the background to the Atomic Blonde trailer?? (so excited for that movie to come out!)
Dresden Dolls
Yoshida Brothers
Bastion Soundtrack/Antique Beats

Marimekko’s pattern of progressive design - I thought the company was Japanese, when actually it's Finnish.

Amazon opens their first bookstore in Chicago - It's unlikely that I'll step foot in there. For me, and for this article's author, bookstores are a place to discover a book you never knew about and to try out new things.

Sylvia Plath's letters - I remember my friends taking turns and renting The Bell Jar during high school.

Reading beyond our bubbles - On DFW

Ali Wong
Two Weeks Notice
Today's Special
(I'm looking forward to season 2 of Ode to Joy, starting later this month!)

Guardian Long Reads - Hermitage - There's a short bit in this story where she talks about how wealthy English landowners used to sign contracts with hermits to live on their estates, in caves, because of the belief that hermits spread good luck and kindness. Hermits signed because they were hungry and needed a stable home.

BBC's Food Program - On Herbs - I found myself desperate to taste all the varieties of spearmint during this podcast. It's likely we're renting a basement home, but if there's any hope of sunlight, I'm definitely having a mini-herb garden inside.

Still gnawing on Slice of Life. Started Coleman Barks edited version of Rumi poetry as well as The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant. There are so many pages devoted to my dear Aristotle. My dear bland, logical, precise, and rational Aristotle, the founder of biology, the founder of logic, the founder of ethics and thinking about what it means to live a good life. And the inventor of everyday science terms. <3

One last bag left of Celestial's Tension Tamer, which really grew on me.
I just bought their new Lemon Lavender herbal tea and it smells wonderfully lavvy.

I'm nearly out of Windsor fruit teas. :(
And I finally found Celestial's chai bags, only on Amazon and only available in bulk. Once I move, this will be my first purchase. Can you imagine! Every day, perfectly perfume-y and gingery chai to start the morning.

I've been enjoying the teas with Belvita biscuits.

Til next time!

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