November 23, 2016

Dream Thanksgiving Menu

I've been home for the holidays, so to speak. Even though I've got the week off from school, I've so far spent most of my days in cafes, mainlining cappuccinos and trying to finish this project that will simply not finish itself. However, I have been cooking whenever I get the chance.

I've really missed being in the kitchen. Usually, I spend about two hours per week in the kitchen, making something for the slow cooker or pressure cooker that will last me the week. This week though, I've so far been able to make homemade marinara sauce (and discovered that Trader Joe's canned tomatoes are ace), corn chowder, and some tapas-like dishes AKA we're trying to finishing everything in the fridge before we head to my parents' for Thanksgiving.

Spanish garlic shrimp with a splash of rice wine, garlic roasted brussel sprouts, beef kofta on a bed of caramelized onions, and quesadillas with leftover halloumi cheese was our dinner last night. So much butter was consumed.

And so much butter continues to be consumed. I have an apple galette made with a stick of butter in the oven as I write and it smells amazing.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I won't be cooking for Thanksgiving. We'll be heading to my parents' for the annual 3 days of unending hot pot and weight gain. Though if I were to cook for Thanksgiving, here's my dream menu - it's little weird but it's what I'm craving and it's what makes me think of a family gathering:

1. "Peruvian" rotisserie chicken (honestly though, I think I'd just drive to Mr Pollo and pick up one of theirs.)

2. Potatoes gratin

3. Canned green beans and bacon

4. Pan-seared pork and chives dumplings

5. My mom's vermicelli stir-fry

6. And a key lime pie

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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